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Below are some images of Ryuichi, organized by type.  I'll have more soon!  Please keep checking back! ^_^  A special thanks to Narumi and everyone who contributed the images! ^_^  On each image gallery page, I'll put who gave me the pics at the top of the page.  If there's no credit, then Narumi supplied me with the pics. ^_^


Random Pictures of Ryuichi

Random Pictures of Ryuichi Smiling
Random Pictures of Ryuichi in Sweaters During His Solo Period


Pictures of Ryuichi In Concerts

Lunatic Tokyo 12-23-1995
Capacity Infinity 5-30-1999 [The Unconventional]
Yokohama Arena July 15&16, 2000 [From CD-Data]
Days Photobook Section 1: [I'm The Trigger]
Days Photobook Section 2: [God Only Knows]
Days Photobook Section 3: [Don't Care!]



CD Data: 8.5-20
CD Data:  5.20
Pati-Pati: July, 1997 (During Ryuichi's Solo Era)
Junon:  9-1-1997
Magazine Unknown:  Premier of Lunacy 5-23-2000
R&R Newsmaker issue #125.1999/February
Fool's Mate May 2000
Zappy August 2000

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